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Some regulars clean wood blinds

Wood Blinds

Wood is a natural building material that plays an important role in architecture and interior decoration. Naturally beautiful, durable, and luxurious, wood makes many people choose it as the main material in their house. Wooden curtains are also a good choice, however, not in rooms or areas with high humidity and temperature. Wood blinds are not recommended in families with young children, as they often use their hands to smear on the door, causing the wood to be worn more quickly.

To prolong the life of wooden blinds, it is important to regularly clean the blinds. This is a vital step to help you care for and keep the blinds in good shape. If the wood is not cleaned regularly, dirt will cling on the blinds, making cleaning more difficult. It is recommended to use soft cotton or cloth to clean or wipe with wet dusting. For stubborn stains, you can use lemon with a little oil to save time and effort as you polish the wood surface and increase efficiency when cleaning furniture.

Currently, the market has many specialized chemicals; stain removers, and wood polisher. It is recommended to select the type that will suit all types of wood.

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