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Some regulars clean wood blinds
Wood is a natural building material that plays an important role in architecture and interior decoration. Naturally beautiful, durable, and luxurious
When to use a Solar Powered Blind
Introducing the new Solar Battery powered battery pack which is now available with our remote control roller blinds. The solar battery pack consists of a solar panel...
 Website Offers
The recently relaunched website,, features improved product photos to make it easy for customers to find...
Electric Blinds
You can buy our Electric Roller Blinds and Electric Blackout Roller Blinds online with either 12v Battery and 240v Eletric powered Somfy motors...
Curtain wood for glass window
Nowadays, rooms in houses or offices are often designed with sliding glass doors. This is a new development for architectural style as it increases the aesthetic value of the room. Advantages of the sliding door, includes a neat and more open space, convenience, and more connectivity with the outdoors.